Saturday, January 23, 2010


As of yesterday, survivors of Haiti's earthquake, buried in the rubble for over a week, were still being found.

A 22 year old man was rescued from the rubble yesterday by an Israeli search and rescue team, while a 7-year old boy and 11-year old girl were rescued on Tuesday, and a 5 year old was rescued on Wednesday. All are still alive. More than 121 people, according to the United Nations, have been rescued alive from the rubble. Of course as the days passed that becomes more and more unlikely, and the bereaved families and friends of those who haven't heard from their loved ones are gradually beginning to adjust to their loss.

The news reports from Boston, Miami and New York, which are the three major centers of Haitian immigrants in this country, suggest that a lot of Haitian-Americans are anxiously waiting for news from their loved ones. Communication over the phone to and from Haiti is apparently fairly poor at the best of times, and at a time in which lots of phone lines, among other infrastructure, have been destroyed, it's probably even harder now. Hopefully they will soon be able to make contact with their loved ones and fine them alive and safe.

Blessed be the Lord, for miracles like preserving the life of that 7 year old boy buried under rubble.

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