Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Culture of life

As should be pretty clear, I'm generally more interested in international politics than domestic ones. I suppose I should say something about the Sarah Palin controversy, however.

I don't have any liking for Sarah Palin's politics, other than on the abortion issue (that's an understatement, I really dislike them.) While abortion is a very important issue for me, it's doubtful that the absurd Roe v. Wade decision is going anywhere in the foreseeable future, and so I don't see that electing McCain and Palin is really going to accomplish anything. To paraphrase Bill James, abolishing abortion is where you finish the work of building a culture of life; it isn't where you begin it.

Until we have a solid majority in this country who understands and is willing to submit to the historic teaching of the Didache as pertains to abortion, electing Republicans will not change a damn thing, and so I am not at all tempted to vote Republican.

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