Monday, September 1, 2008

Broke down in Baltimore

So I'm stuck in the DC area right now, till Tuesday, about 620 miles from where I live in the Midwest. I made the error of takin a road trip out here with one of my best friends and his wife, to hang out with some people who were in Africa with all of us. Everything was going wll, and my car was driving fairly well (it had just spent all summer in the repair shop, first after hitting a deer and then after a major engine problem.) Until we stopped somewhere in inner city Baltimore to try to use a succession of pay phones to find out where our friend lived. Since my cll phone has inexplicably stopped making outgoing calls. (yes, I suppose we should have used Yahoo maps before we left.) Suddenly the hood of the car starts smoking, and we all freak out. Turns out the radiator is broken, and we have to get towed into a wealthy suburb of DC at three in the morning. Bloody hell. 

This is the last road trip I make over a three day weekend. I'm going to have to miss a day of class and probably a day of work.

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