Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel Prizes

Well, I suppose it's nice that a woman won the 'Nobel' prize in economics for the first time, but come on. Economics simply isn't a science, and the claim that it is is one of the pernicious ideas that lets right-wing economists, and apologists for the worst excesses of capitalism, pretend that their statements are Absolute Truth.

And Obama winning the Nobel Prize? Give me a break. Things are more or less the same as they were last year, except now the Taliban is three hours from the Indian border (and less than that from the Islamabad nuclear arsenal) and Burma, of all places, is well on track to get the Bomb.

That's peace?

If desiring a world free of nuclear weapons is enough to get you the Nobel Prize, then we are quickly going to run out of nobel prizes to give to everyone who deserves them.

Obama is quite possibly the worst pick since Henry Kissinger. Obama and Kissinger should just get a room and jaw away about undeserved Nobel Prizes.

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