Thursday, February 5, 2009

Upcoming post on contraception....

I went to a talk on Monday which talked about the Catholic Church position on abortion and contraception. Naturally (if you know me) I had a qualified acceptance of their position on abortion (although I would make exceptions in dire circumstances), and a qualified disagreement with their position on contraception (although I am not a big fan of all forms, and I think they can be used for bad reasons as well as good). I feel, however, that there isn't enough intellectual debate on the subject of Humanae Vitae, and the Church opposition to birth control, among Christians and others who agree with the general natural-law framework, but who disagree with the encyclical (which includes most Anglicans, Orthodox, and Protestants, as well as most Catholic laypeople). If you're going to disagree with the reasoning in Humanae Vitae you should know why: this was, actually, said at the talk, and I agree. When I have some time I will write a point-by-point "Reply to the Objections" put forth in Humanae Vitae against birth control.

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