Sunday, January 25, 2009

Compean and Ramos

Bush's last pardons in office were not, surprisingly, of any noted war criminals or architechts of the Iraq war. Rather he pardoned two Border Patrol officers in prison for 20 years.

Their crime? They had chased a Mexican drug dealer, later found to have a thousand pounds of marijuana in his car, for several miles through the desert, after he apparently pulled a gun on one of them. Eventually they shot him in the ass- he made it back to Mexico safely.

They were found guilty of illegal use of force, and because they used a firearm in the course of their "felony", an extra 10 years was added onto their sentence. Mr. Aldrete-Davila, the charming young drug dealer, was given special immunity to come back to this country and testify.

Excuse me? Are you f--ing kidding me? No wonder we have a crime, and drug problem, in this country. We live in a society where a known drug smuggler whose ass got peppered by a couple of cops, is invited like a diplomatic guest of honor to come testify against two policemen. This is criminals' rights run amock. No one is going to take seriously a legal system that celebrates people whose bad behavior gets them chased by the cops, and that tosses two hardworking cops in prison for 20 years.

Bush has done a lot of bad things in his presidency, but this is a good one. Mr. Ramos and Mr. Compean deserve to be home with their families- it's a pity that they still have this "felony" on their records. If I ever meet them, I'm buying them a round.

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