Monday, December 15, 2008

Back to blogging.....

I've been on hiatus from blogging for a while (and, to a large extent, from sleeping as well). What with wrapping up fieldwork, completing two mammoth assignments for my advanced statistics class (remind me to comment on the first of those, a re-analysis of an old 1899 paper on sparrows with modern statistical techniques), a couple teacher trainings, my regular teaching work, wrapping up some fieldwork/lab work, applying for a grant, and preparing a presentation for my research group, I have been up to my ears in work. However, I have some free time this morning- no deadlines for a while, and school was delayed this morning, which means I got here with two hours to spare. In the next week or so, hopefully I will find time to comment on some of the following topics....
- To what extent flowers and fruits of plants can support their own carbon needs through photosynthesis
- Tilapia and its advantages as an acquaculture fish
- Mexican axolotls and how they are becoming endangered
- Rafael Correa's debt default in Ecuador
- The horrible and fiendish bombings in Bombay (not "Mumbai", please.....I am a Tamil, not a Marathi, and see no need to use a Marathi term for the city)
- Christmas, and the mystery of the Incarnation: "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us."
- Overfishing and alternatives to it


BharGo said...

No need to sound so disrespectful to Marathi... Please note that the official name of the city is "Mumbai" by a law passed by gthe democratically elected Govt of Maharashtra!

Just the way you are a "Tamil" and not a "Madrasi"... My city is "Mumbai"

Hector said...


I use the term 'Bombay' in large part because I loathe the Shiv Sena party that was (in coalition) ruling Maharashtra when the name was changed. For that matter, I also call Madras "Madras", and not "Chennai", because that's the name I grew up using.