Friday, October 10, 2008

Bloody absurd

There's no real word to describe last night other than 'absurd'.

I'd more or less written off yesterday evening, all of today, and Saturday morning in advance....I wasn't planning to do much other than finish my statistics problem set, which is a bear. I worked on it pretty late last night, then went to the apartment where i am currently staying, before I move back up to the main campus. this was the first night I'd actually slept there.

Wouldn't you know, I'm all settled into bed, when I decide to turn off the light in the stairwell. I step out into the stairwell, and of course the door closes and locks itself behind me. So I'm stuck outside my apartment with no wallet, no keys, no shoes, and no glasses. (I can't see jack squat without my glasses). It's 2 am, and the only spare keys are at the physical plant which won't open till 8 in the morning.

Wonderful, right? I've actually been locked out of my apartment a few times in the past. Once I slept on the balcony (that was pretty cold, even though it was in the tropics), once me and me friend scaled the fence (we got slightly scraped by the bits of shell that were embedded in the wall to deter thieves) and once I had to force the window with a crowbar. But no crowbar today- I wound up having to just curl up in the stairwell with a blanket. The whole situation was so absurd that I almost couldn't feel pissed about it- it reminded me of being stuck on one of those bush-taxi rides in Mada where the vehicle took 14 hours to travel about 75 miles.
Sleeping in the stairwell was pretty cold, again. I wouldn't really recommend it- you do risk getting trodden on in your sleep.

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