Sunday, August 3, 2008

My introduction to the blogosphere.

Hey everyone!

This is my first foray into the blogging world. I think my brother has recommended to be for awhile that I start a blog to share my thoughts. I'm pretty busy as a graduate student but will try to find time to share my thoughts about agroecology, tropical ecology, sustainable agriculture, international development, religion, politics, the news of the day, and other random musings. Thank you for reading my blog!

A little about me (basic information):

- I'm a graduate student at a large research university, with a background in plant biology, currently studying agroecology.
- My research focuses generally on newly developed perennial crops and their general ecophysiology.
- From New England, live in the upper Midwest now, but I still have a fierce regional pride.
- Mid 20s with one beloved younger brother.
- Mostly South Asian by descent but a little bit of Scottish blood too.
- Anglo-Catholic by religion, and an adult convert, though I have some fairly heterodox views on some things (and very traditionalist on others)....
- My politics are all over the map: syndicalist socialist in terms of economics, strong environmentalist in matters of natural resources, generally Third World nationalist in matters of foreign policy and moderate in matters of social/personal morality.

Await my regular postings, and thank you for reading thus far!!

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